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To instantiate MiCADO workers on CloudSigma, please use the template below. MiCADO requires num_cpus, mem_size, vnc_password, libdrive_id, public_key_id and firewall_policy to instantiate VM on CloudSigma.

Currently, only Occopus has support for CloudSigma, so Occopus must be enabled, and the interface must be set to Occopus as in the example below.

  type: tosca.nodes.MiCADO.CloudSigma.Compute
      num_cpus: ADD_NUM_CPUS_FREQ (e.g. 4096)
      mem_size: ADD_MEM_SIZE (e.g. 4294967296)
      vnc_password: ADD_YOUR_PW (e.g. secret)
      libdrive_id: ADD_YOUR_ID_HERE (eg. 87ce928e-e0bc-4cab-9502-514e523783e3)
      public_key_id: ADD_YOUR_ID_HERE (e.g. d7c0f1ee-40df-4029-8d95-ec35b34dae1e)
      - firewall_policy: ADD_YOUR_FIREWALL_POLICY_ID_HERE (e.g. fd97e326-83c8-44d8-90f7-0a19110f3c9d)
          conf: dhcp

            endpoint: ADD_YOUR_ENDPOINT (e.g for cloudsigma )

Under the properties section of a CloudSigma virtual machine definition these inputs are available.:

  • num_cpus is the speed of CPU (e.g. 4096) in terms of MHz of your VM to be instantiated. The CPU frequency required to be between 250 and 100000
  • mem_size is the amount of RAM (e.g. 4294967296) in terms of bytes to be allocated for your VM. The memory required to be between 268435456 and 137438953472
  • vnc_password set the password for your VNC session (e.g. secret).
  • libdrive_id is the image id (e.g. 87ce928e-e0bc-4cab-9502-514e523783e3) on your CloudSigma cloud. Select an image containing a base os installation with cloud-init support!
  • public_key_id specifies the keypairs (e.g. d7c0f1ee-40df-4029-8d95-ec35b34dae1e) to be assigned to your VM.
  • nics[.firewall_policy && .ip_v4_conf.conf] specifies network policies (you can define multiple security groups in the form of a list for your VM).


Under the interfaces section of a CloudSigma virtual machine definition, remember to pass the endpoint of the CloudSigma region you wish to provision in.