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Google Compute Engine


To instantiate MiCADO workers on a cloud through Google interface, please use the template below. Currently, only Terraform has support for Google Cloud, so Terraform must be enabled, and the interface must be set to Terraform as in the example below.

  type: tosca.nodes.MiCADO.GCE.Compute
    region: ADD_YOUR_ID_HERE (e.g. us-west1)
    zone: ADD_YOUR_ID_HERE (e.g. us-west1-a)
    project: ADD_YOUR_ID_HERE (e.g. PGCE)
    machine_type: ADD_YOUR_ID_HERE (e.g. n1-standard-2)
    image: ADD_YOUR_ID_HERE (e.g.  ubuntu-os-cloud/ubuntu-1804-lts)
    network: ADD_YOUR_ID_HERE (e.g. default)
    ssh-keys: ADD_YOUR_ID_HERE (e.g. ssh-rsa AAAB3N...)



Under the properties section of a GCE virtual machine definition these inputs are available.:

  • project is the project to manage the resources in.
  • image specifies the image from which to initialize the VM disk.
  • region is the region that the resources should be created in.
  • machine_type specifies the type of machine to create.
  • zone is the zone that the machine should be created in.
  • network is the network to attach to the instance.
  • ssh-keys sets the public SSH key to be associated with the instance.


Under the interfaces section of a GCE virtual machine definition no specific inputs are required, but Terraform: create: should be present


Authentication in GCE is done using a service account key file in JSON format. You can manage the key files using the Cloud Console. The steps to retrieve the key file is as follows :

  • Open the IAM & Admin page in the Cloud Console.
  • Click Select a project, choose a project, and click Open.
  • In the left nav, click Service accounts.
  • Find the row of the service account that you want to create a key for. In that row, click the More button, and then click Create key.
  • Select a Key type and click Create.