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MiCADO Dashboard

MiCADO has a simple dashboard that collects several web-based user interfaces into a single view. To access the Dashboard, visit https://[IP]:[PORT], where

  • [IP] is the ip address of the MiCADO Control Plane

  • [PORT] is the web_listening_port, which defaults to 443, but can be configured with micado config settings.


Login details are configured during install. If you opted for a self-signed certificate, you may have to bypass warnings generated by your browser. You should then be presented with a login screen where you can enter the username and password you configured.


The following interfaces are currently exposed:

Kubernetes Dashboard

A read-only instance of the Kubernetes WebUI providing a full overview of the infrastructure. Since MiCADO provides its own authentication, you can SKIP the authentication pop-up to gain access to the dashboard.

By default, your application will be scheduled in the default Kubernetes namespace. The Kubernetes Dashboard is well-documented in the official docs.


Graphically visualize the resources (nodes, containers) in time. After deploying your application, you can select the service whose metrics you want using the 'Service' drop down running above the graphs area.


The monitoring subsystem. Recommended for developers, experts.